Kyiv, Ukraine

106,1 sq.m.


Illya Rastvorov, Nadia Smitiukh

The project Alter Ego is our first work where we used such much silver and gold. It was an unusual but interesting experiment we went for together with our customer. It was very important to maintain the balance between use of glossy and matte materials. That's why we used them sparingly and mainly in light colors with a splash of dark spots for contrast. In order to visually increase the space of the entrance, we used a mirror and light color of the furniture.
Living room and dining area:​​​​​​​
We combined the living room, the kitchen and the dining area into one. Here we used matte materials with a cold shade and warm plaster on the walls. Also, in order to give the interior warmth and coziness we placed a fireplace in it which will bring future residents together over a cup of tea, heart-to-heart conversations or simply for reading books.
In this project, special attention was paid to the kitchen, because it is located in a corner. The main task was to make it as comfortable as possible. For this, we made a non-standard kitchen depth of 75 centimeters with a light box and a functional shelves near the main workplace in the kitchen. This made it possible to save some extra space for cooking, as well as to make some additional space for kitchen appliances. So everyone will cook with comfort and pleasure.
The guest bathroom is also bright and cozy. Here we used light tones on the walls, marble tiles with cold veins on the floor and warm wood on the wall, which united the space and shaped the architecture of the bathroom.
Master bedroom:​​​​​​​
The master bedroom is a special place in every home. It is a place of rest, pleasure and peace. We used light and soft materials in the bedroom. To visually increase the space and add character to the bedroom, we made a mirror on the wall on the side of the bed. The door to the wardrobe is also hidden there.
Boy's bedroom:
Girl's bedroom:
Master bathroom:​​​​​​​
The master bathroom also continues the general style of the apartment, light walls with dark accents that emphasize the architecture of the room. The bath simultaneously reflects the strictness and tenderness of its owner.
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