Conсept project​​​​​​​

Khreshchatyk street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

930 sq.m.


Illya Rastvorov, Anton Kalambet
2020 has to become a year when Apple officially enters the Ukrainian market. Apple Stores can be found in the most of the world's capitals, this is why this project is very important for Kyiv as one of 10 biggest cities in Europe. The impetuous growth of Kyiv and the region is the best evidence of that. ​​​​​​​
The first task for the project was the selection of a suitable and a significant place, so we have chosen the main street of the capital. Khreshchatyk street is the key tourist and trading route of Kiev, where many world's biggest brands are represented. 
The style of surrounding buildings is called "Stalin's capital Empire" and most of the buildings in the area were built in 1955. That is why prevailing architectural shape needs very delicate intervention. There was a small plot selected between two buildings located between numbers 21 and 23 of Khreshchatyk street. Particular territory supposed to be a separator between high-rise buildings. There is a retaining wall deeper in the street, which is also used as a staircase to a street located higher.
The plan of the new building was developed taking into account the context of the existing buildings. There is a deepening of the retaining wall and shifting of the staircase are designed. The project of the store is a 2-levels symmetrical building. The bearing elements of the building are four columns. They create a monumental arched vault. The transparent facade created with 9 meter glass panels, which makes the building look lighter. The area of the store lightens with a light-box ceiling, which covers the space evenly during the day and in the nighttime.
There are two symmetrical staircases leading to the top floor of the store, with a panoramic view on Khreshchatyk street. The vaults there create a chamber effect of the theater, that is why a small scene for presentations is situated there. It can also be used as space for art, education and entertainment. The architectural shape of the building harmoniously fits into the historical surrounding and highlighting the street.
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