Concept project

Cable-stayed bridge

2 904 m

320 m
The bridge stands on a strait.
The distance between the shores - 1 488 m.  
The distance between the cable pylons - 1 104 m.
The highest pylons point - 320 m.
The highest distance from sea level to the deck - 66 m.
Architecture and engineering solution.
The example for the construction of the bridge pylon was a bird feather model.
This natural design combines a frame, which provides a uniform load distribution and stable structural rigidity.
The curved shape of the columns evenly distributes the weight on the columns. 
The frame between the columns creates a rigid spherical structure.  
Inspired by the bird feather shape, we created a light and beautiful pylon design, emphasized by both daytime and artificial night lighting.
The bridge has four-lane in two directions, with a throughput capacity of 50 thousand cars a day. 
The width of the steel deck is 29 m. 
The width of the road is 21 m and 3 m from each edge for technical sidewalk. 
Columns are constructed as pipes with empty space. That space is used for technical stairs and communications. We divided space for two vertical tunnels. One for the technical service, the second one for the wind corridor. Since the bridge stands on a strait, the wind on the sea level is usually constant, so the wind is taken, and it goes up on a vertical wind corridor.
The difference in temperature and pressure with height accelerates the wind speed. In the highest part of the column with the most thin wind corridor, the stand wind turbine is created to generate energy. 
Such green energy engender solution supplies electricity for the bridge and the nearest regions.   
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