architecture concept

7W54 New York, USA

720 sq.m.


491 m


Illya Rastvorova
The building stands on a crossroad, 7th Ave and 54th street, New York. This place is in midtown Manhattan, it is located only in 5th blocks from Central Park and 7th blocks from Times Square. Most surrounding buildings are tall and most of  them were build in the 1st part of 20th century. This tower is designed to be part of the city, with brick facade on the ground element, and more modern top element.
There are no green areas in the center of Manhattan, that is why we decided to create a vertical garden on the building. A vertical garden is occupying 22 floors of the building and, because of its shape, it retains sunlight on the street.
The Double Tower consist of three elements with different textures of facade. 
Between ground and top elements it has a thin reinforced concrete core covered by the mirror. This element creates a levitation effect of top element. 
Also, the shape of the building is light, that's why it adds its lightness to the city surrounding.
Incredible modern changes of New York skyline create new possibilities for architects and engineers.
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