Kyiv, Ukraine

44,8 sq.m.
The "Hovanka" project is a space for a guest bedroom and a living room with a kitchen in the basement. But unfortunately, in the realities of 2022 this basement has acquired a new purpose. It became a shelter for the customer's family. The bedroom in the "Hovanka" project is designed so that the whole family can comfortably fit there. The task was to create a design like a good room in a comfortable hotel. For this we used a combination of warm veneer with light walls and ceiling. We visually united two beds with a console cabinet with lights. We also designed a work area and a TV here.
Thanks to the work of our team we approached the layout of the rooms in detail. We understood that it is comfortable for a person to be in any room when there is a window. So in the bedroom we developed a visual solution that gives the feeling of existing of the window. We installed the mirror on the wall and hung the curtains. It helped us to create comfort in the bedroom. So you can forget that you are underground at all.
An important zone of the "Hovanka" project is a place where you can work. Nowadays you can work from any corner of the world. So even in shelter you can continue your work.
If you spend a long time in a shelter then you will need some kitchen. Here you can make coffee and take something from the fridge. The living room with the kitchen of the "Hovanka" project has everything you need to wait out the danger. Comfortable sofa, coffee tables and TV. And even a wine fridge! It is good to store wine in the basement so it definitely is good idea.
Even here you can come to relax, read, play cards and etc. Do not forget about your leisure time especially in the shelter. It is very important for your psychological state.
In the kitchen in the "Hovanka" project we provided a place for a coffee maker, a built-in refrigerator, a wine refrigerator and a storage area. We combined everything in one composition and used two colors of the MDF facade: graphite and the color of coffee with milk. And for the worktop with an apron, we used dark quartz. The soft colors of the walls and clear edges of the furniture demarcate the functional areas and make them comfortable.
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