active modern guy

Kyiv, Ukraine

39,5 sq.m.
"Meter apartment" is an apartment project for a modern young guy. The main task was to design a contemporary apartment which responds to a lifestyle of his residentials. Also, the main goal was to bring into the space natural materials in warm tones with attractive bright accents.​​​​​​​
As you can see, the space of the apartment is not large, but this did not prevent us from planning it as comfortably as possible. In order to preserve the feeling of lightness, we made the space of the apartment completely open.
On the second floor, there is a lounge area where you can read books and watch movies on a deckchair.
Since the resident does not cook at home and prefers a more active lifestyle in the city, the kitchen occupies a small area. But at the same time, the owner of the apartment likes to order food, sit with friends at the table and just enjoy communication without too much fuss.
Since the resident of the apartment likes movies and video games, we placed a projector on the ceiling, which projects a large image on the wall. The screen is placed in such a way that it is good and comfortable to watch from every corner.
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