San Diego, California, USA

230 sq.m.
Most Americans live in their own houses. Depending on the state and climatic zone the houses are different but everyone has their own backyard.

The project "San Diego landscape" is a landscape project of 2475.7 square feet. It is located in sunny San Diego which is in the very south of the state of California.
The client of the "San Diego landscape" project is a very athletic person. So we designed a reinforced concrete wall along the part of the fence with the neighboring plot. So we designed a reinforced concrete wall along the part of the fence with the neighbor's plot with an equipped platform for crossfit classes and a shower. We also designed a swimming pool on the site. So after sports or a hot day you can swim in the pool or take a cool outdoor shower.
There’s no better way than to step out into your own private backyard oasis. So, in our project, we created a kind of garden with a green fence, a lawn and an palm tree. It creates a sense of sanctuary, seclusion, and peacefulness.
An important part of every landscape project is a recreation area. So, in the "San Diego Landscape" project we placed an area with sunbeds and a table between the pool and the house. Here you can sunbathe on the sunbeds by the pool. Or just to chat at the dinner table with friends and family.
The shape of the plot of the project "San Diego landscape" has an unusual shape. From this place opens a very nice view of the valley and the mountains on the horizon One side of the pool ends at the boundary of the plot and visually the water goes to infinity. To enhance the effect of infinity the fence on the side of the cliff is made of transparent glass without a handrail.
In the "San Diego landscape" project there is a lawn area near the pool. Here we have placed an additional seating area with a bowl with a fire and chairs. Just imagine how you enjoy the view with a glass of fresh, cool drink. Especially in the evening, it is an ideal place to relax by the fire. It is an ideal place to relax by the fire especially in the evening.
An additional area in the “San Diego landscape” project is a barbecue area. This area is designed from a low reinforced concrete wall. A solid cantilever structure with a sink, barbecue and storage areas is attached to this wall. The construction is made of stainless steel, so it will be convenient to use and clean. The owner can look at the beautiful view of the valley during the cooking.
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