Stealtho Office Supplies in Ukraine 

Dnipro, Ukraine

142,2 sq.m.


Illya Rastvorov, Nadia Smitiukh

The Stealtho it's a project of the modern office of Stealtho Office Supplies company in Ukraine. The products of this company are technologies that help people to improve the efficiency and comfort of work in the office. That’s why it was important for us to create technological and inspiring space of the future. 

Old-style offices do not meet today's requirements. First, you need lots of space. We think that little and stuffy rooms are unacceptable nowadays. Also, you have to be able to zone space, but only visually, with large open locations and a good flow of fresh air is required.

The next thing that was an important retirement is to create an inspiring place where is no limit of imagination and creativity. Taking into account that there is nothing more infinite than space and human thought, we took the Martian features as an idea.
The reception desk of the Stealtho office also was created using stealth technologies in which large faceted shapes are given to the object.
This comfortable workplace inspires generation of new ideas, adds strength and confidence.
The successful company needs the best employees. The best employees require the best working spaces. So we have created modern and comfortable workplace for the best employees of Stealtho. Modern and amazing products will be created here by the talented people.
The modern white kitchen at the Stealtho Office with glass partition that allows to stay isolated but at the same time keeps the feeling of an open space. 
Another important thing in work is a change of scenery. When you sit in the same closed space, your eyesight is blurred, you need to walk around, think, move, it is very useful for productive work process. Therefore, the space should be diverse, divided into sections, working areas, and zones, for creativity and inspiration. 
Here we made these zone between the CEO office and the work area. This zone will also serve as protection from the noise of the working area, where disputes and battles will take place, in which truth will be born. Its main feature is the crater on the ceiling and a falling meteorite in a backlit niche.
In Stealtho office the common work area flows smoothly into the recreation area which allows changing the environment and thinking easily.
In the high-tech office we made the same bathroom, so we used unusual materials and form of mirror to achieve this effect.
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